Anarchy in a Jar

Though they’re only sold in a handful of Brooklyn locations, the jams from Anarchy in a Jar are so precious and delicious, we know it is just a matter of time before they go worldwide. Who knows, someday maybe they’ll even sell Anarchy in the UK!?

Anarchy jellies, jams and preserves are produced by Laena, an upstate NYer who after vagabonding about the world returned to NY and a childhood love – making jam using local handpicked fruits. With flavors like “3’s Company triple berry jam” and “Easy Like Sunday Morning Blueberry Jam”, they provide a little levity and sweetness to otherwise dreary winter mornings. And they may be the only breakfast treats we’ve seen that come with a typed manifesto.

We’re thrilled to welcome Anarchy to Provisions on Sunday, February 21 from 3-5pm for a special tasting. Want to know the difference between jam, jelly, preserves, conserves and marmalade? Interested in making your own jam this summer? Come taste Anarchy in a Jar and ask away! The revolution will not be televised! Well, unless Laena lands herself a fat food network contract, anyway. . .

Greene GrapeAnarchy in a Jar

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