Zapp’s Potato Chips from Louisiana

Rooting for the Saints this Sunday? You oughta have a bowl or two of Zapp’s chips out. The chips hail from Gramercy, Louisiana and are fried in peanut oil in kettles in a building that used to house the Foucheaux Chevrolet dealership. Flavors we have on hand include Voo Doo, Mesquite BBQ, Cajun Crawtator, Spicy Jalapeno, Dill Pickle & Regular. Who Dat!

If you’re a Colt fan, we’ve got sweet Kettle Corn and Cheddar popcorn popped in Popcorn, Indiana.

If you’re having guests, play it safe and set out a bowl of each!

Greene GrapeZapp’s Potato Chips from Louisiana

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