Caves Plaimont Colombelle

It takes hard work to build a business but it also takes a visionary. Paying attention to indigenous and heritage foodstuffs is in vogue today but there are those who were ahead of the curve. Almost thirty years ago Andre Dubosc saw a future for a small Gascony collective of grape growers in reviving traditional but relatively unknown grapes. Shying away from trends, they grew indigenous grapes like Colombard and Ugni Blanc and pooled their resources to establish a new brand, Colombelle. The resulting fruity white wine is a bargain that we’ve offered since we opened our doors in April of 2004, though it has only recently gained the attention of major wine publications. A true success story and a tribute to a man who shunned conventional wisdom to follow his passion.

Tonight from 5-7pm at the Brooklyn wine store you can taste Colombelle and meet some of the people behind this refreshing, delicious bottle of wine.

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