Mexican Hot Chocolate

One reason we don’t mind the cold weather is because it gives us an excuse to use Taza’s Chocolate Mexicano disks for Mexican Hot Chocolate. The recipe is simple and if you use water can produce a dairy-free hot chocolate – perfect if you know someone who is vegan, lactose-intolerant or allergic to milk. Oh and Taza will be at Provisions from 1-3:30 pm this Saturday to offer tastes of their delicious stoneground chocolate.

Making Mexican Hot Chocolate couldn’t be easier. Simply grate a disc of Chocolate Mexicano and set aside. Heat 8 oz milk or water until just below boiling. Remove liquid from heat and mix in grated chocolate. Pour chocolate mixture into pitcher and whisk until frothy. Pour into mug and enjoy!

Taza’s Chocolate Mexicano can also be enjoyed straight in bites. This is no smooth european-style chocolate though. It has a rough texture as a result of traditional Mexican stone mills leaving a coarse grind. The resulting tiny bits of cacao beans, unrefined organic sugar and vanilla bean give Taza chocolate its unique rustic, intensely textured mouthfeel and explosive flavor. Just like any food, the more you process cacao beans, the more you lose some of their brighter flavors and complexities. They’re truly keeping “the bean in the bar”!

Greene GrapeMexican Hot Chocolate

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