Trying Tri-Tip?

If Mark Bittman’s column in the NY Times about Tri-tip has you on the lookout for this “ultra-thick, nicely marbled, strongly flavored steak,” you might want to call ahead. We cut tri-tip steaks but since there are only 2 per steer (for a total of approximately 5 lbs), we have them only occasionally. Your best bet is to call ahead and reserve (718.233.2700) or you can drop by and make friends with the butchers (never a bad idea).

Our butcher recommends cooking tri-tip as you would brisket – braising it in the oven. For the hardy adventurers out there who continue to grill through the winter months (some of our best cookouts have been in arctic temps, it’s fun, try it!), our staff also recommends crusting the tri-tip entirely with salt and grilling it over the bbq. Of course you can always try Bittman’s method with tomato romesco.

Greene GrapeTrying Tri-Tip?

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