A Loaf of Rye?

We learned the importance of specifying your brand of liquor when we merely texted “rye” on a grocery list recently. Though we enjoyed our ham sandwich very much, it was not a perfect substitute for the after-work cocktail we craved.

In the case of our ryes, though, it is best to have some flexibility about brand. At any given time, either of our ryes around $20 can be out of stock. For example, right now we’re out of the Rittenhouse and there’s no more in NY warehouses (for the moment). And the article in this morning’s New York Times praising both of our ryes as value spirits isn’t going to help matters much.

Thankfully we currently have the Old Overholt in stock as a back-up. Slightly drier to the Rittenhouse’s more sweet, raisiny flavor, the Overholt is only 80 proof and the Rittenhouse is 100 proof. Both have the hallmark spiciness of rye and lack the wood and peat notes you’ll get in some scotch.

Both of our ryes make great drinks – Manhattans and Brooklyn Cocktails are the obvious but they also make a mean Whiskey Sour. Rye is also the secret ingredient in our favorite banana bread recipe. A great way to have your rye and eat it, too.

Old Overholt Rye (Manhattan)
Old Overholt Rye (Brooklyn)

Greene GrapeA Loaf of Rye?

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