Celebration of Fermentation This Weekend

All weekend at both the wine store and at Provisions in Brooklyn, we’re tasting things that have benefited from the marvelous properties of living organisms and their ability over time to convert sugar into something useful like alcohol or carbon dioxide to make dough rise (though their power pales in comparison to that of our 4-year old who is able to convert sugar into pure evil within minutes). Here’s the schedule – join us and take a break from the holiday madness!

Friday, December 19
5-7pm at Provisions taste Mama O’s Kimchee
5-7pm at the Brooklyn wine store taste Panettone and dessert wines including sparkling moscato and a kosher wine to celebrate the last day of Hanukah

Saturday, December 20
4-7pm at Provisions taste Peak Organic Brewery Beers – both seasonal and year-round brews
5-7pm at the Brooklyn wine store taste 4 ports from Infantado plus chocolates from Nunu Chocolates

Happy Holidays!

Greene GrapeCelebration of Fermentation This Weekend

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