The Best Cherry Tomato I Ever Tasted

Farmdale Organics cherry tomato mix

Was eaten within seconds of being harvested by hand from my mother’s suburban garden in 1979. The second best was eaten earlier this week from a box of Cherry Tomato Mix we have in from Farmdale Organics of Leola, Pennsylvania that I shared with the kids. Sweet, not tart, full of rich, concentrated tomato flavor. Stopping back in the store to pick up a second box, I endured the chuckles from Provisions cashiers when my 4-year old used his “candy demand” voice to loudly screech “I want a tomato NOW, mama.” Tempted to respond “not until you’ve eaten your chocolate,” I gave in. So the story he’ll tell years from now is that the best cherry tomato he’s ever tasted was eaten seconds after it was rung up at his mother’s grocery store. Close enough.

Greene GrapeThe Best Cherry Tomato I Ever Tasted