Vinho Verde

Literally translated: green wine! We SHOULD be excited about this one. And behold, this portugese white wine is the perfect summer tipple – fizzy, fresh, relatively low in alcohol. Green not for the color but for the fact that it is meant to be consumed soon after bottling.

We couldn’t describe the seasonal appeal of vinho verde better than Toby Cecchini of the NY Times: “snappy and simple, vinho verde sings in the hot months, when its forthright tartness and surprising effervescence cut the torpor better than central air.” Toby’s passion for particular vinho verdes extends to the one we have in Brooklyn AND the one we have in Manhattan.

Casal Garcia (Brooklyn) The tall bottle and blue label, with its traditional linho doily background, are iconic; this is the classic that has fueled a billion chouriço-and-clam celebrations.

Broadbent (Manhattan) The only vinho verde that comes over in a refrigerated container to preserve its freshness. This one is a private label by importer Bartholomew Broadbent.

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