Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent, Recycle

We’re grateful for our Chico Bag reusable (and rewashable) grocery bags. On a summer vacation trip to Europe via and frequent flier mile tickets, we discovered that many French markets don’t offer bags anymore. Not for any price. They’ve made you go cold turkey to carry your cold turkey. Fortunately we had our bag tucked away so we didn’t have to palm the poultry.

We’ve not banned bags yet but we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible with our bag choices. The wine store bags, while plastic, are extra thick for reuse – or reinvention. Inspired by Jefdiesel’s shower curtain and his unsuccessful attempt to fly a kite made from our bags, we recently whipped out a glue gun and made our own water pistol holsters (pictured on the wee gunslingers above).

If saving the environment by bringing your own bag isn’t reward enough, you should know we also give you 15 cents off every bag-eligible purchase for refusing a bag at Provisions or the wine stores.

Greene GrapeReduce, Reuse, Reinvent, Recycle