Fulton as Main Street (or HauptStrasse)?

When we first opened, we were committed to carrying fresh meat and fish but were also reading about fish markets and butchers closing because they couldn’t pay the rent. Over a year later, we’re proudly carrying on the butcher trade by cutting down primal cuts of meat and casing our own sausage.

Stem-On-South-Oxford-0609So we’re thrilled at the news that we may soon be joined by some more anachronistic amenities. First the news that a bookstore is coming to 686 Fulton Street across from Provisions. Then the opening of a lovely little flower store (Stem, 112 South Oxford just off Fulton) with fresh blossoms where we were able to pick up a peony for our little ballerina’s spring recital at the Brooklyn Music School down the street.

photo(12)Now we’ve confirmed the rumors that Fulton Street will soon get a hardware store (Go Greene Hardware) at 694 Fulton where Ralph’s Internet Cafe used to be and, by summer, a beer garden (Der Schwarze Koelner) at 710 Fulton where the 7 Corners Hardware store used to be.

Anyone know any entrepreneurial cobblers? We think we might know just the spot for them.

Greene GrapeFulton as Main Street (or HauptStrasse)?