TCHO: Chocolate 2.0?

When you bill yourself as the chocolate with “the vision and energy of a Silicon Valley start-up,” you gotta beta-test. And indeed, in coming up with the proprietary blend of beans to put in their “fruity”, “nutty” and “citrusy” bars, TCHO beta-tested the bejeezus out of them over the course of a year. If you’re interested in what your fellow human beings find best captures these qualities in chocolate, stop by Provisions this Sunday, June 14 from 4pm-6pm when we’ll be providing free tastes. We are skeptical only because they also beta-tested the bar that they labeled “chocolatey.” But wait, aren’t they all . . . oh, well, nevermind.

In other beta-testing news, in the Manhattan store we are doing a trial run with a new web-based point of sale system powered by ShopKeep. They’re accepting new stores for beta-testing now, check it out!

Greene GrapeTCHO: Chocolate 2.0?

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