It’s a Soup-y Day

Rainy days are made for soup. Our soups are made by Daniel, the twisted culinary genius behind our Greene Grape cocktail and the Daniel’s Special sandwich. Today, we’ve got tomato, white bean and rosemary soup made with prosciutto stock and on the back burner when that runs out a creamy tomato herb with basil, parsley, mint and tarragon.

We’ve been asked recently if there’s a method to Daniel’s madness and we’re sad to report there’s no soup schedule. He chooses ingredients based on seasonality and availability and whatever strikes his fancy or whim. If a soup is successful, it goes into Daniel’s regular lineup but again, there’s no schedule. Past hits include Cincinnati Chili (a little sweet with allspice and cinnamon) and lentils with curry and chickpeas.

If we’re out of Daniel’s soup or you’re in a rush, check out our refrigerated soups by Saveur D’Anjou. They vary too. Today we’ve got black bean and potato leek. In the past we’ve also had lentil, butternut squash and carrot. With a slice of our quiche, they make a great quick lunch or dinner.

Greene GrapeIt’s a Soup-y Day

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