In Season: Apriums

An aprium tastes like an apricot with amplified sweetness and an underlying tartness. Almost as if some Dr. Frankenfruit had, over several generations, bred plums and apricots together until the resulting fruit was exactly ¼ plum and ¾ apricot. And in fact that’s exactly how apriums are made. Unlike other experiments in fruit husbandry, apriums are bred for flavor, not just for durability and visual appeal. Our apriums come from California only during the month of June.

If you think apriums are weird, don’t even get us started on plumcots, nectaplums, nectarcots, peacotums, pluots, pie-ready rhuberries and easy-to-peel-and-deseed mangoranges. Okay, those last two are just wishful thinking.

Greene GrapeIn Season: Apriums