One look at the classic structure and elegant beauty of her quiches and you can easily guess Ayanna Parker’s former career: architect. Years of baking at home and study at the New School to better understand the science of baking has truly paid off. Sabrina says “for those of us who really love quiche, it’s some of the best I’ve had.”

Ayanna builds her quiches to code – to a foundation of flaky pastry crust, eggs and fresh milk, she adds ingredients of the highest quality. Fresh spinach for her quiche aux épinards and in a modern twist on a classic, gruyere and crispy turkey bacon for her quiche lorraine. So if you’re expediting a mid-week meal, accent a slice of quiche with soup or a green salad. Pair with one of our rosés and voilà! Dinner is dîner.

Ayanna will also build-to-order for events and celebrations. You can view her gorgeous tarts and desserts here.

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