Schaller & Weber Polish Kielbasa

“This is the best kielbasa I have had in America.” The words caught our attention because if the pig ever becomes extinct, it will largely be due to this woman. Though they have polish kielbasa in the Czech Republic where she is from, they also make regional kielbasas. She rattles off the names “Moravian, Cazecj, Praska Morava Ostrava, Ceske budekovice, most famous Spekacek, made everywhere.”

We carry polish kielbasa from Schaller & Weber, a store specializing in eastern european butcher and delicatessen specialties since 1937. For kielbasa, they coarsely grind choice cuts of tender pork with a little veal (to add character, a sign of a good kielbasa), a touch of garlic and other natural spices but no fillers or extenders.

According to Schaller & Weber, their kielbasa can be served cold, but its flavor truly emerges when heated or grilled. To cook, they recommend that you remove the peel, grill, cut into 1/4-inch slices after heating, and serve on a sandwich. We served ours cut in half with the sides scored and pan fried about 3-4 minutes each side, just until browned. It’s already cooked so pan-frying is just to warm up and get some crispy parts. With a side of pasta and a sliced tomato salad, dinner was done in under a half hour. Now the next time we’re in Prague, we’ve got five ways to say “fast food.”

Greene GrapeSchaller & Weber Polish Kielbasa