Taste our Rosés

Today, Friday May 22 from 12pm-7pm, we’ll have all our rosés open at the Manhattan wine store and tomorrow, Saturday May 23 from 5-7pm we’ll have all of our rosés open at the Brooklyn wine store. And all weekend at both stores, we’ll be pouring this pink summer drink.

Rosés are rarely thought of as food wines when the truth is these wines complement many types of food, and are a great compromise when one can’t decide between white and red. Rosés are after all made from the very same grapes that make all our favorite red wines, but they are left in contact with the grape skins for a shorter period of time. This gives them more subtle flavors and softer tannins than their red counterparts while keeping that same freshness and crispness that makes whites so appealing. They’re perfect for large or small get togethers – a summer barbeque where you’ve got a range of things coming off the grill or dinner parties where everyone brings a dish.

Greene GrapeTaste our Rosés