In Season: English Peas

This weekend we’ll have English peas for the first time this spring! We know a seven-year old who will be excited to eat them, sweet and green, right from the pod. Unlike sugar snap peas, English peas must be removed from the pod before eating. Discard the pods and cook the peas briefly by dropping them in boiling water only for the amount of time it takes to count to ten slowly and then drain and refrigerate and you’ll have a convenient way to brighten up a dish or meal. Tossed with butter, they make a great side dish. They can also be added to soups, salads, rice or pasta. Or toss with some cubed madrange ham and a little bit of mayonnaise (just enough to coat) and you’ve got a lovely side salad. We’ve even seen them used as a substitute for basil to make a fresh, springy pesto.

Greene GrapeIn Season: English Peas

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