Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea

We have a friend who serves the best tea. Of course she’s english. We think maybe they have three taps on their sinks over there: hot, cold and tea. Whenever we visit, even unannounced, the first thing she does is offer a ‘spot of tea.’ With a splash of milk and sugar optional, her tea induces immediate relaxation and conjures great conversation. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s a renaissance woman equally at ease talking handbags or high finance and has a husband who is on a quest to record the entire Beatles catalog on ukelele. Seriously. But we digress.

Inspired by this friend and in search of the Pavlovian calm that comes when we visit with her, we’ve been experimenting with new teas. A current favorite is Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme, an upgrade to Harney’s regular Earl Grey. What makes Earl Grey tea distinctive is the addition of essential oil from bergamot citrus fruit to black tea. The Supreme uses a higher grade of teas along with the addition of ceylon vintage silver tips. These are the terminal buds, not leaves, of the tea bush, that are handled carefully so they remain intact and turn silvery when they dry. They offer a subtle undertone and allow the citrus notes of the Earl Grey to shine.

Tea is like comedy – timing is everything. After adding boiling water, this tea can steep from one minute for a light cup to three minutes for a full-bodied brew, but no more lest bitterness creep in. You know how a pause can often precede or follow something important or profound? That’s what tea time should be. A pause in the day. Enjoy.

Greene GrapeHarney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea

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