Sugar Lily Bakeshop Cupcakes

Fabulous Fort Greene fashionista and foodie, Nyisha, the owner of Sugar Lily Bakeshop, found a way to combine her two passions by making couture cupcakes. Handmade, down to the decorative fondant that adorns their tops, we get them every weekend and they quickly sell out. For Mother’s Day weekend, we’ve asked Nyisha to include her signature decorative lace wrapping to make these cupcakes extra special. Lest you think their beauty is only skin deep, rest assured the cupcakes are made with the highest quality ingredients and, in flavors like strawberries and cream, lemon coconut and orange blossom, are indulgently delicious. We can’t think of a better gift for Mother’s Day!

Greene GrapeSugar Lily Bakeshop Cupcakes

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