Core Vodka Tasting and Uncorking New York Today

All day today in both the Brooklyn and Manhattan wine stores, we’ll be uncorking New York and trying wines and spirits from the Empire State. In Brooklyn on the wine front, we’ll be trying wines from Brooklyn Oenology (5-7pm) and New York Cork Club. In Manhattan, we’ll sample Osprey’s Dominion Sauvignon Blanc 2007, Anthony Road Dry Riesling 2007 and Hearts and Hands Pinot Noir 2007. From the spirits department in the Brooklyn wine store from 2-5 pm and the Manhattan store from 5-7pm, you can take a sip of the big apple and try Core Vodka. One of the distillers, Derek, will be here to explain how he turns an apple into the base for an appletini. And of course outside Provisions, the Brownstone Brooklyn Garden District will be helping kids make seed bombs and selling edible plants.

Core Vodka is 100% distilled from apple cider made from apples grown on in the orchards of a farm in the Hudson Valley. Triple distilled, the vodka has a distinctive flavor of ginger, creme brulee and honey. Derek uses sustainable practices in the orchards and each bottle is hand-numbered. The distillery is still a small shoestring operation. When we called Derek to arrange the tasting, he answered on his cell phone while troubleshooting a problem with the still.

Greene GrapeCore Vodka Tasting and Uncorking New York Today

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