Domestic Lamb and Chicken Livers

Our butcher has brought in organic chicken livers for making chopped liver for Passover. $7.49/lb. These are a seasonal offering – we do not normally carry them but can get them for you year-round by special order. Special orders don’t upset us.

He also reports on some more local meat sourcing:
If you could please let people know that we will now be carrying domestic lamb racks alongside our domestic lamb sirloin chops. No price increase. $19.95/lb. Larger and sweeter tasting than the australian lamb. I cut them down into individual chops but we can also leave it as a whole rack and french cut it to order.

Frenching means to trim away the fat and meat between the upper portion of the ribs, leaving the bones exposed (pictured). A frenched rack of lamb makes an elegant presentation and a nice alternative to leg of lamb if you have only a small group for Easter. Frenching takes time so feel free to call ahead and we’ll have your order waiting for you. 718.233.2700.

Greene GrapeDomestic Lamb and Chicken Livers