A Bigger Bag Bounty!

Greene shower curtain

April in New York means daffodils, magnolia blossoms and Earth Day. In celebration of the regreening of our land- and street-scape, both the Brooklyn and Manhattan wine stores are offering a bounty of twenty cents for every green plastic bag in serviceable condition you bring in. Unlike our normal fifteen cent bag rebate, there’s no limit on the number of bags you can redeem in April. Ninety seven of them and you can get a free bottle of Anthony Road Riesling 2007 or our new exclusive Terres Falmet Carignan 2006 for your Easter table.

We take the environmental impact of our bags seriously. In the wine stores we have chosen a thicker plastic making the bags durable and reusable. We see a lot of you ‘greenbagging’ your lunch and one crafty person even made a shower curtain with them (pictured above, directions here) and that makes us happy. In the food store we use recycled paper bags – they’re perfect for collecting paper products in to put out at the curb come recycling day. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Greene GrapeA Bigger Bag Bounty!