Change at the Coffee Bar

The coffee bar has good news to report!

“We recently dropped the price of a small regular drip coffee 10 cents and a large 19 cents. Also, we thought that including tax was a good idea because people want to pay an amount that they see on a menu for items such as coffee and quarters and dollars are easier for customers to deal with, especially when they are in a hurry to grab their coffee. So smalls are now $1.80 even and larges are $2.25 even. We also added a 8oz latte/cappuccino option.”

You’ll be happy to know that the reduction in price of our coffee doesn’t mean we’ve shortchanged you on quality. We’re still using a blend that includes Kenya AA, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Indonesian Sulawesi from the same roasters who supply coffee to Bouley, Picholine and Mario Batali’s restaurants. Now that’s change you can believe in!

Also for your convenience, there’s now an extra pump pot of coffee and cups by the front register. So if you see the B25 bus rattling down Fulton, you can dash in, fill up your cup, slap down two bucks and a quarter and maybe even catch your bus (until July, that is, when the MTA has proposed eliminating the B25).

Greene GrapeChange at the Coffee Bar

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