Hoch Ybrig

We just started carrying Hoch Ybrig from Rolf Beeler in Switzerland, which is Jada’s favorite cheese, both to pronounce and to eat. Our cheese whizzes report: “This stunner is bathed in white wine during maturation, adding a pungent fruity zest to this walnutty, Gruyere-style raw cow milk mountain cheese. Notes of dried apricot, fir trees and Amontillado sherry and a big, complex flavor.”

We tried the Hoch Ybrig after dinner with buckwheat honey drizzled over it. The rich, malty honey was an amazing complement to the cheese. We had also picked up a couple beers to try with and were looking for a syrupy, rich taste. Both beers (the Delirium Nocturnum from Belgium and the Brother Theolonius Belgian-style abbey ale from California) were delicious but were just shy of that honeyed note we were looking for. Steve the beer man has recommended a double bock so we’ll try that tonight with the remainder of the cheese and report back.

Greene GrapeHoch Ybrig

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