Hot Cross Buns

This Saturday, we’re previewing a traditional Good Friday treat – hot cross buns. You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy these sweet, yeast-leavened breads chock full of raisins.

Superstitions associated with these buns make them rise above the rest. Sharing a hot bun with someone by breaking it in half and incanting “half for you and half for me, between the two of us goodwill shall be” ensures friendship in the coming year. Taken on a sea voyage, they prevent shipwreck. Hung in the kitchen, they prevent fires and ensure that all breads turn out perfectly – good to know if you’re trying Glenn’s Chipotle Cheshire bread recipe this weekend.

They’re $2.29 each and we’ve only got a dozen for Saturday. Get ’em while they’re . . . oh, you know.

Greene GrapeHot Cross Buns

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