Our Peanut Butter – Safe AND Delicious

Cream-Nut Peanut Butter

The good news? None of the peanut butters we sell are affected by the recent FDA recall. The better news? Our peanut butters are delicious! One of our favorites is Cream-Nut, produced in Western Michigan by the Koeze family since 1910 and now being made by the grandson of the founder. Their peanut butters are made in small batches from selected Virginia peanuts and are coarse ground with just a pinch of salt. That’s it. No artificial colors, preservatives, or sugar, and never homogenized. And you’re never too old for a peanut butter sandwich.

Cream-Nut Dark Chocolate Clusters

Cream-Nut Dark Chocolate Clusters

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you should also check out Cream-Nut’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Clusters. A rich, silky peanut butter and white chocolate center on a bed of fresh pecans, coated in fine dark chocolate. If you’re lucky enough to get them as a gift, hide them. They are addictive and won’t last long.

For a list of recalled peanut butter products, check the FDA website.

Greene GrapeOur Peanut Butter – Safe AND Delicious

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